How To Disable JavaScript In Chrome(quickly)

What is the fastest way to quickly disable JavaScript in Chrome web browser(with DevTools opened)? Today I learned a new trick and want to share it.

The client website worked with MaxMegaMenu plugin, which opens submenus using JavaScript by adding the class “mega-toggle-on” to the menu item when you hover it.

I needed to inspect the submenu, so the first option was to add the necessary class to the menu item. The second and better option is to disable JavaScript with a keyword shortcut. That way, the class won’t be removed when you move the mouse, and the submenu will stay opened and ready for inspection.

Quite easy, open the DevTools window, press CTRL + ALT + P and in the small console on top start typing “Disable JavaScript” or “Enable JavaScript” and hit Enter.

How to disable JavaScript in Chrome with DevTools

That’s it, no need to manually add/remove classes to the DOM element or use Settings panel.

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